What should I listen to?

Do you frequently open Grooveshark/Pandora/iTunes/etc and just stare at it while trying to decide what to listen next?

I do it all the time. I probably visit my own last.fm profile a dozen times a week, just so I can take a look at my library and pick a familiar name to put into the search field (yeah, I dumped Last.FM radio for Grooveshark - I like to hear whole albums).

Enter What should I listen to?, the dumbest web service ever. It takes a last.fm username and a click, and gives back lots of love in the form of good music recommendations (actually these recommendations come from yourself, but you gotta give it some credit…)

I had a lot of fun building it:

  1. runs on node.js, courtesy of nodester
  2. IDs are saved in localStorage, and your library’s size in your cookies (we need to know the range to shoot at), so no database.
  3. It has no images per se, the noisy background is generated via Javascript CoffeeScript and the rest is CSS.

It’s not mobile-ready, though that should be easy to accomplish. Source code is on github.

I hope it’s useful for a few people out there. If you have any suggestions you can find me on Twitter.