Get started immediately. No need to learn configuration formats or new syntax. Create tasks using the language you already know. Using native modules is encouraged along the built-in helpers.

flour works within a Cakefile. Work for supporting other build systems like jake, grunt, etc. is underway.

npm install flour
npm install coffee-script uglify-js stylus
flour = require 'flour'

task 'build:coffee', ->
    # Compile CoffeeScript
    compile '', 'app.js'
    # Minify CSS
    minify 'themes/obsidian.css', 'styles/theme.min.css'
    # Concat & minify
    bundle '*.js', 'everything.min.js'

Compile, Pre-process, Lint & Minify

Flour packs it's own adapters for the most popular tools. The compile and minify methods can detect file types and choose the appropriate compiler, so you don't need to memorize a dozen different methods.

task 'build', ->
    compile 'layout.styl', 'layout.css' # Stylus
    compile 'layout.less', 'layout.css' # LESS
    compile 'layout.*', 'layout.css'    # either!
task 'minify', ->
    minify 'styles/*.css', 'build/styles/*'
    minify 'scripts/*.js', 'build/scripts/*'
task 'lint', ->
    lint 'sources/*.js'

Everything at once

bundle() does all the magic - it compiles, minifies and concatenates whatever you throw at it.

Every method in flour can take a single file path, an array of files or a glob pattern (using node-glob).

task 'build:vendor', ->
    bundle [
    ], 'build/vendor.js'

task 'build:source', ->
    bundle [
    ], 'build/app.js'

Easy file watching

No dependency detection wizardry - you are in control. Watch files, directories or glob patterns, group and invoke your tasks of choice.

task 'watch', ->
    watch 'sources/*.js', -> invoke 'build:source'
    watch 'styles/*', -> invoke 'build:styles'
    watch [
    ], -> invoke 'build:templates'